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Why its Hard to Get a Tree Estimate Over the Phone

Published / by Carole Whelan

Why its difficult to give a tree service quote on the phone

Tree removal services are expensive, but sometimes they are necessary. Trees can be a hazard. If it blocks out sunlight from entering your home, your house will be more susceptible to molds. In a powerful storm, a tree can get carried away by strong winds and smash into and destroy your concrete home which is wind and storm-proofed.

The tree removal cost depends on some factors which will be listed here:

Tree Height: Most companies charge by the tree’s height with sets fee per foot, and a fixed price for the first X feet. This may have variation based on the total heights of the tree. A small tree would cost more per foot to cut down than a large tree, but of course, the larger tree will still cost more more money than the small trees and this is logical.

Stump Removal: When you want to leave no trace of a tree ever being on the spot (except a hole in the ground, and even then you can cover that with soil and grass), you should ask for its stump to be removed. However, this may not be included in the fee, so make sure you ask for it in case you do want it to be removed. It is hard to remove a stump so that this fee may be a little high.

Complications: Nearby power energy lines usually make the tree removal more difficult. It is only good for the tree services to charge for such complications. The tree being dead and filled with who-knows-what will also make the removal more difficult. If it has been inhabited by insects of unknown danger level, you could expect to pay higher.

Speed: If you require to have that or those trees removed as fast as possible, the tree removal service may charge more. If the tree removal service is working on the remnant of a tree, there is more danger to its workers, and so they will charge more. If it has been damaged or struck by lightning and is due to fall, it will cost more. If the tree particularly irks you for no reason and you just want it out of your sight before sunrise the next day, it will cost you more money and most probably a good night’s sleep.

Licensure: Yes, companies like this have a license to operate. You are paying for their training and the bureaucracy that licensed them.You’re going to find that every case is going to be different. So what you’re going to want to do is make sure that you consult with at least 3 to 5 companies to see what they can do for you. Most companies are going to be able to come out, and give you a free estimate. Check out http://dublintreesurgeon/costs for more on prices.  If they charge for an estimate, then I would recommend that you look into someone else.  Take these prices as a good estimate on what you’re going to pay. Just keep those factors in mind, and you should be okay! Also see for following site Dublintreesurgeon.com to get their contact details and check out reviews.